Explore the Culinary Versatility of the Blackstone Griddle with Hood offered by BBQs 2u

A griddle features a flat cooking surface, distinguishing it from traditional grilled grates. Typically associated with breakfast items like pancakes and bacon, griddles extend to diverse dishes, like:

  • Smash burgers
  • Fried rice
  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Quesadillas
  • Pizzas
  • English muffins
  • Stir-fries. 

Beyond versatility, griddles excel at searing meat. These griddles’ wide, flat surface accommodates a variety of culinary creations, making them indispensable and versatile kitchen tools appropriate for a range of cooking methods and recipes. 

Crafted from stainless steel, the Blackstone 36″ griddle features:

  • 4 burners
  • Delivering a total output of 60,000 BTUs. 

This substantial power enables it to quickly reach a searing temperature of 500°F.

The hot-rolled steel cooktop is 36″ wide. But when the lid is open and the side panels are present, the 36″. The Weber Griddle is 61.04″ in width, 47.66″ in height, and 28.38″ deep. It offers 756 square inches of total cooking space overall.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Expansive Cooking Surface

With a generous 720 square inches of cooking surface, the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle gives you plenty of space to express your creative cooking side. This multi-purpose griddle can handle everything, from breakfast feasts to backyard barbecues, and can cook many items at once.

  • 4 Zone Heat Control

With its four independently controlled stainless steel burners, this griddle provides both adaptability and accurate heat control. Whether you are sautéing veggies or searing steaks at the same time, the 4-zone heat control on the griddle makes it easy to establish distinct temperature zones on the surface.

  • Versatile Hood

Enhance your outdoor culinary adventure by incorporating the hood, transforming your griddle into an oven-like surface. This is ideal for:

  • Roasting meats
  • Crafting pizzas
  • Reheating food

Its hood will open up to offer endless opportunities for experimentation. A perfect griddle to impress your guests by showcasing the versatility of the cooking setup.

  • Durability and Stability

Built to resist the rigors of outdoor cooking, the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hood boasts a sturdy steel frame and a thick cold-rolled steel griddle surface. Long-lasting performance is guaranteed by its sturdy structure, and your culinary endeavours will always have a safe and solid basis thanks to its firm design.

  • Convenient Cleanup

With the Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with Hood, cleaning up after a delicious meal is a breeze. There is a grease management system provided on the rear side to offer easy maintenance. This is a removable grease tray, which will be emptied whenever needed for maintenance.

As a whole, you can call Blackstone’s 36″ griddle a very high-quality griddle. For many users in the UK, it works effectively and is simple to use. In addition, the cost is reasonable for such a good griddle.

Thus, if griddles pique your interest, you should definitely check out Blackstone’s 36″ griddle. You must be savouring your favourite foods if you already have this in your kitchen. On the top of it you will get after-sales-service from a reliable company like BBQs 2u, who is a family-based company in the UK.